AI Generated Content with Odoo 17

Learn how to use ChatGPT in Odoo
24 november 2023 av
Cathrine Niklasson

ChatGPT has been integrated with the new version of Odoo. You can now use it to generate alternatives for your text across the apps. You can also use it to create a text from scratch. The AI copywriter tool offers a range of text suggestions for every need. It is the perfect tool to use when you want to amp up your email marketing, landing pages or knowledge articles. The possibilities are endless!

Here is how to generate text from scratch using ChatGPT in Odoo:

  1. Go to editing mode, type /chatgpt and select ChatGPT.
  2. Ask ChatGPT to write a text.
  3. Click on Insert to add the text.

Here is how to generate alternatives for you texts with the AI Copywriter:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to generate alternative text for.
  2. Click on AI generator in the editor.
  3. Select the alternative text you like and click on Insert.

Do you want to learn more about the new features in Odoo 17?
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Cathrine Niklasson 24 november 2023
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