Better web performance in Odoo 17 with WebP images

7 februari 2024 av
Cathrine Niklasson

Here's some exciting news for all you web editors out there. In Odoo 17, all your uploaded images will automatically be converted to WebP format, ensuring faster page loading times, better SEO ranking and improved visitor experience. When you upload an image to your Odoo 17 website, it will undergo automatic compression and be converted to the WebP format. 

What is WebP?

WebP is a modern image format for the web developed by Google. WebP allows websites to display high-quality images — but with much smaller file sizes than traditional formats such as PNG and JPEG. Google’s developers suggest that a WebP image with lossy compression could be 25% to 34% smaller than a comparable JPEG file. As a result, page load times are optimized, providing visitors with a superior browsing experience and boosting SEO rankings.

Cathrine Niklasson 7 februari 2024
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