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5 oktober 2023 av
Cathrine Niklasson
Coupons and Loyalty Cards

Offer promotions, coupons, loyalty, and gift cards to customers. Track their usage across the Point of Sale, Sales, and eCommerce apps.

Introducing to Point of Sale the new multi-channel wallet to allow paying goods or collecting refunds.

Manage PoS configs from the general settings. Switch between PoS configs like between Websites. Search easily over cleaned up and re-organised settings.

The barcode nomenclature is now global and applies to all PoS.

Generate invoices for sales orders of previously closed sessions. Customers can now require invoices themselves via the portal, with the introduction of an option to add QR codes on Receipts.

PoS is now aligned with the multi-channel model to manage loyalty programs across the Sales, Website, and PoS apps.

Hide margins and costs information in the Point of Sale interface for all users but the PoS manager.

Auto-confirm PoS orders after an electronic payment when nothing is left to pay

Actual totals on quotations/orders are now displayed, letting you know what's left to pay before loading the quotation/order.

Many usability improvements over all screens of the Point of Sale to ease usage.

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Cathrine Niklasson 5 oktober 2023
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